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Upcoming Events

 I am glad to announce that the Blackhawk Athletic Club is reopening on a limited basis under the guidelines for outdoor seating as set out by State, County, and City government.

We will open on Saturday, May 30th. Hours on Saturday will be noon to 8PM. Going forward operating hours:

Friday (except tomorrow), Saturday and Sunday noon to 8 PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 3 PM to 8 PM.


Seating is outside only on the back deck and back lawn area.


Enter and Exit is through main door only


There will a designated pathway to the outside area, stay within the pathway


Designated pathways will be marked for restrooms and ATM machine


If there is a storm, fire, or a police emergency, members cannot linger inside the building you must proceed to your cars ASAP


Out of respect to our neighbors, keep noise to a minimum


Per City guidelines, smoking is prohibited


Smoking in parking area or in your car


Masks are required when entering and while inside the building


On the deck and lawn area masks are strongly suggested and 6 foot social distancing is the standard


All employees will be wearing masks. Gloves are strongly recommended


Limit of 2 people at a time in each bathroom


We will be selling pull tabs. The exact procedure will be outlined and available on Saturday. Wild Card tabs only. No machine sales


Sanitation stations are on order and are scheduled to be delivered on June 8. There will be pump containers on tables


Club will be open to MEMBERS ONLY. No guests. No children


There will be NO nightly or weekly drawings


We do have a limit on how many can be in the outside area. That number could vary between 40 to 60 people. Different people will have different opinions on who and how many people at their table. We must respect everyone’s concern and opinions


Please be aware that you may not be allowed to enter based on capacity limits


There will be sanitizing products available, please use them. You can greatly help by using these products and not wait for the hourly cleaning by our staff.


Most of the workers are volunteering their time. Please be kind, understanding and generous.


All of the guidelines and rules are for the safety of our members. We are trying to operate in the most efficient way and still abide by government rules and regulations.  


Please understand that situations, guidelines and our  internal rules and operating  systems may change at anytime.

This is new territory and we will monitor everything and adjust as needed Thank you all for your support and understanding


Myron Shayka, BAC President