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Upcoming Events

Additional guidelines for re-starting indoor operations;

If you are having outside food delivered, you will be called to the door and you will pick up your food from the delivery person outside the front door.

Smoking will only be allowed outside off the deck in the grass area during Summer operation.  Smoking will still be allowed in the front of the building.

All drinks will be served in plastic glasses.

Members will be allowed on guest. Guest may be a child.

Daily drawing will resume on Friday, June 26, with the book starting at $274.

Weekly drawing (on Monday's) will resume on July 6.  We will post the list of people who had already signed the weekly book when we closed.

Gaming machines are scheduled to go live on Friday, June 26.

Adjustments will be made to operations as needed.

Please, everyone, try to be patient and understanding as we progress through these changing times.