Blackhawk Athletic Club

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Upcoming Events


Jan. Events;
     Jan 7th General Meeting
     Jan. 8th Spaghetti Dinner
     Jan. 9th Wings
     Jan. 13th Lunch By Marianne & Phyliss
     Jan. 16th Austin Karr Playing your Favorites
     Jan. 18th Steak Fry
     Jan. 21st Pork Chop Breakfast
     Jan. 23rd Wings

Feb. Events:
     Feb. 4th General Meeting 11:30
     Feb. 4th Super Bowl Party 4:30
     Feb. 5th Spaghetti Dinner
     Feb. 10th Lunch Soup & Sandwiches by Carol & Gail
     Feb. 13th Wings
     Feb. 15th Steak Fry
     Feb. 16th 2 man acoustic band
     Feb. 18th Buffet Breakfast
     Feb. 25th Swedish Pancake & sausage Breakfast $6.00
     Feb. 27th Wings