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Note from the President and Secretary


Note from the Pres.

January 2018

Happy New Year to all, the Blackhawk Athletic Club is looking forward to another outstanding year. With the help of our membership I am sure that continued success will follow us into this year.

You will notice a few changes and improvements at your Club, a new heating / air conditioning system has been installed in the main bar area. Not so visible is the new phone system, new security cameras, and updates to our internet what have increased our internet speeds. Effective January 9, 2018, the Queen of Hearts game will be suspended and the $5.00 weekly book will return. The $5.00 book will be drawn at 8:00 PM on Monday nights. Outline of the rules and other specifics will be posted. We are going to have some additional entertainment in the form of smaller acts on the weekends. We will also be booking a comedy / magician act. We will also be attempting to fill some Wednesday nights with craft classes (painting, wine glass painting, glass etching, and others). If you have any suggestions for a craft please let Danielle or a Board member know. Keep checking the website, bulletin board and Facebook for more information and updates.

It is always sad to learn that one of our members has passed away. Last week it was especially disheartening to see that one of the Club’s matriarchs, Rose Benhoff, passed away. Many of you never had the pleasure to get to know her. Rose did as much as anyone for this Club. Our Club would not be what it is today if she had not been part of it. Rest in Peace.

Thank you to every one of our members who continue to volunteer and work to make this the Club a special place to be.

Myron Shayka

Jan. April Newsletter 2018

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope everyone and the Club have a great 2018.

Since our last newsletter we have lost 5 club members. They are Bill Riggles, Linda Wold, Nancy Kronberg, Joe Maggio and Rose Benhoff.

We had election of 4 board members in December. Elected were Gary Schoester, Jason Heiden, Marianne Hoel and Dave Stone. Our officers for the coming year are President Myron Shayka, Vice President Keith Schaible, Secretary Gary Schoester, Treasurer Al Deschaine, Sargent of Arms Jason Heiden, Board members Marianne Hoel, Wally Anderson, Mike Kuehne, and Dave Stone.

Congratulations to the members of the Blackhawk Club for doing a great job on our food drive. We collected 916 pounds of food and $175.00 in cash. This is the most we have ever done. Let’s shoot for 1000 pounds next year. Thanks.

We have many events coming up in the coming months. These will be posted in this newsletter that everyone will receive either as a hard copy or by e-mail. If you have an e-mail address that I have, you will get a reminder of events each month. If you have an e-mail address that you haven’t shared with me, please send it to me at Thank you.

A couple of lunches changed. February 10th will be Carol and Gail’s Soup and Sandwiches and March 10th will be Al and Myron’s Jambalaya. Mark this on your calendars to come down and enjoy both.

Don’t forget our 4 nights of food other than when the kitchen is open on Fridays and Saturdays. We have the pasta dinner the first Monday each month through May. We have wings the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Also, the steak fry the third Thursday of every month. Come down and enjoy this wonderful food.

January Events:

1/8 Pasta Dinner

1/9 Wings

1/13 Lunch Chicken dish by Marianne and Phyllis

1/18 Streak Fry

1/19 - Austin Karr Playing Original favorites

1/21 Pork Chop Breakfast

1/23 Wings

February Events:

2-4 General Meeting Also Super Bowl Party starting at 4:30

2-5 – Pasta Dinner

2-10 – Soup & Sandwiches by Carol & Gail

2-13 – Wings

2-15 – Steak Fry

2/16 Two Man Acoustic Band

2-18 – Buffet Breakfast

2/23- Brian Becker spinning records

2/25 Swedish Pancakes and sausage breakfast

2-27 – Wings

March Events:

3-4 – General Meeting

3-5 – Pasta Dinner

3-10 Jambalaya lunch by Myron & Al, Martini Bar at 6 PM Also Blooze Brothers in the evening from 7 - 11 PM Come down & enjoy

3-13 – Wings

3-15 – Steak Fry

3-17 – Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner

3-18 – Steak Breakfast

3-24 - Easter Egg Hunt

3-27 – Wings

April Events:

4-1 - Easter

4-2 – Pasta Dinner

4-7 - Meat Raffle

4-8 - General Meeting 

4-10 – Wings

4-14 Lunch – Minimal Band from 8 12 3 piece acoustic group

4-15 – Pork Chop Breakfast

4-19 – Steak Fry  

4-24 – Wings

May Events:

5-6 – General Meeting

5-7 – Last Pasta Dinner till October

5-5 – Wings

5-12 Lunch & Clean-up Day

5-17 – Steak Fry

5-20 – Steak Breakfast

5-22 – Wings

Super Bowl Party is February 4. Club will furnish Chili. Bring your favorite snack food and come down to enjoy the game. Food will be put out about 4:30.

If you have not paid your dues before January 1, they are now $45.00. On February 1st they will be $55.00. Hurry down and pay them. If you’re not current on your $5.00 FOB fee as a gold card member after March 1 your name will not be in the membership drawings because you are not a member in good standing.

Club will start a $5.00 book on Jan. 9th and discontinue the Q of hearts. Drawing for the book will be at 8 p.m. on Monday nights from the general membership, you will have to have signed the book sometime during the week for you to win.

Wednesday nights we are going to do a Arts and Craft night a couple times a month check the bulletin board to see what is happening on our Wednesday nights.

Secretary Gary Schoester