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Note from the President and Secretary

Note from the President – May 2018

I can safely say that Spring has finally arrived. Nice weather means that there are many activities happening in and around the Club. There are dates and information regarding events within the newsletter and information is posted on the bulletin boards, as well as on the website and will be updated as needed.

As many of you know, one of our primary benefactors is the Ken-Rock Community Center. The BAC has been a major contributor for the many youth programs the Ken-Rock administers. In recognition of our support, the BAC is being inducted in to the Ken-Rock Hall of Fame on Saturday June 2, 2018. We will send out additional information regarding times (around noon). I know that many of our members and their families have participated with Ken-Rock. It would be nice to have a large number of club members at this event. It is a great honor to be selected.

On May 6th we are installing 95 new members in to our Club at 11:00 AM. As you begin to meet these new members please welcome them to our family.

This last week the Club lost one of its core and dearest members. Laraine Williams passed suddenly on Monday April 23rd. Her contributions to the Club are many and will be greatly missed, her friendships were many and her love for the Club and its members cannot be replaced. But, the one thing that will continue to echo throughout our Club will be the infectious laughter that was only “Laraine”.  Your Club will truly miss you. Love and peace to your family.

Myron Shayka

Secretary’s Letter – May 2018

Since our last newsletter, we have had two member pass away – Terry Herron and Laraine Williams.

We will be installing 95 new members to the club at the May general meeting.  There are 41 family members and 54 non-family members.

There are some Gold card members that have not paid your $5.00 yearly fee some have not paid for 2-3 years. If you have not paid your name is no longer in the ben for the nightly drawing, when you pay it will be put back in for the drawings. Your name is posted on the bulletin board telling you how many years you owe for. Leave the correct amount of money in a envelope behind the bar and I will make sure it is taken care of, thank you Gary Schoester Secretary.

It was brought to the board’s attention that children were playing out on the deck and opening the gate to the parking lot to go in and out of the deck area.  This is a safety issue.  Please be aware of what your children are doing and if they are out on the deck, you should be there with them.

We have a number of events coming up in the coming months.  One of the main events is May 12th – clean-up day.  We need the help of as many members as possible for 3-4 hours that day.  In the past it seems that only about 12 – 16 members out of 800 come to help.  Even if you can only come for an hour or so this would be greatly appreciated.  Clean up will start at 8 am.  Thanks in advance for your help.

June 9th is Members Appreciation Day.  You will receive 5 raffle tickets to sell or buy.  The cost is 5 tickets for $20.00 or $5.00 per ticket.  This is our only fund raiser for the year so please take the time to either sell or buy the tickets.  We would like to have a great return on number of tickets sold.  Appreciation Day will be a pig roast with all the trimmings plus a magic show in the afternoon.  There will be door prizes and an acoustic band will play at 6 pm.

May Events:  May 6 General Meeting; May 7th Pasta Dinner; May 8 Wings; May 9th Glass etching class; May 11 Little Miss Whiskey Acoustic playing from 7-11 pm; May 12 Clean-up day and lunch; May 17 Steak Fry; May 18 Fish Fry; May 20 Steak Breakfast; May 22 Wings.
June Events: June 6th Wed. night will start Trivia Night;  June 9th Members Appreciation Day, including Comedian/Magician and acoustic band Distilled; June 12 Wings; June 13 Cub-Brewers Game Bus Trip; June 16 Golf Outing West Lake Village, Sign-up sheet is posted; June 21 Steak Fry; June 26 Wings; June 29 Music Bingo.
July Events: July 10 Wings; July 14 Lunch; July 19 Steak Fry; July 21 Burger in Paradise and The Sensations playing from 7-11; July 24 Wings.
August Events:  August 11 Corn Boil; August 14 Wings; August 16 Steak Fry; August 18 Golf Outing Newburg Village; August 25 Lions Club Beer Goggle Dart Tournament; August 28 Wings.

Damsel Defense Class for women is going to be offered.  There is no date yet.  Cost is $25.00 per person.  Sign-up sheet with date will be posted.  If you are interested, sign up. CPR certification is also going to be offered check bulletin board for details.

Mystery Dinner October 12 – Cost is $50.00 per person and there will be room available for 80 people.
Put on your calendar Bacon Fest October 15.

I would like to remind everyone if you have changed your cell number or cancelled your home line and that is the number I have on record would you please give me your new number. I have tried to contact some members and all I get is a disconnected number. Thank you.

I would like to thank all the members that have helped over the past year with the steak fry on Thursday night, Saturday lunches, Tuesday Wing nights, Sunday Breakfast and our Monday pasta night.  Without your help, these events would not be a success. Thank you.

Gary Schoester, Secretary