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Note from the President and Secretary

Today we held our January Board of Directors meeting. Following are the highlights of that meeting:

- Reviewing our financial status found that the Club is stable and sound financially. Our management team, along with our staff, have done an outstanding job insuring the Club remains this way during these challenging conditions. We are fortunate to have these individuals as part of our BAC family. We all appreciate your patience and understanding.

- The Club will continue to operate under the same guidelines that have been in effect over the last few weeks. At such time that the state, county, or city update guidelines, we will adjust to abide to those guidelines.

- One thing that will be changing effective today, you will be allowed to purchase your own pull-tabs. But you must follow strict guidelines:

>>You must wear your mask.

>>You must use the hand sanitizer ( on the table as you enter the pull-tab area) before you purchase your tabs.

>>Only one person at each machine.

>>Social distance if you need to wait for a machine to clear.

>>After you get your tabs please use the hand sanitizer before you exit the area.

>>There will be markings to keep the flow of people going in one direction. Please follow these directional markings.

- We will be accepting bids for the lawn mowing and lawn maintenance service. Please have your bid submitted before February 14 2021. You can contact Danielle for specification.

- It has been brought to our attention that the use of foul language has been increasing since we have moved operations to the deck area. Please be aware that foul language will not be tolerated and offenders will dealt with.

- Annual dues - As of January 1, 2021 the cost is now $45.  If not paid in January, the cost goes up to $55 on Feb 1.  If dues are not paid by March 1 your membership will be forfeited. 

Everyone please stay healthy and let’s hope that we can get back to “normal” soon.

Presidents Letter - September 2020


This “different” summer at the BAC is winding down. I would like to thank everyone who has cooperated with all the rules, recommendations, and policies that have been put in place over the last few months. The Club will continue to use “best practices” as we move forward through this Covid situation. Most importantly, please be considerate to all members, even if your opinions and ideas do not align with theirs.


Also I would like to give a big “shout-out” to our outstanding team (managers, bartenders, board members, and volunteers) who have given so much to the Club during these difficult times. Thank you.


As we move forward, please understand that all activities are in a “fluid” situation. Things could change from month to month, week to week, or even day to day. We will keep you updated via Facebook, email, and our website. Your understanding is appreciated.


More and more people are enjoying our outside deck area. Because of this, smoking and vaping has been restricted to the outside grass area to the right of the bottom of the steps.


Hand sanitizer, sanitation spray and wipes are located throughout the Club; please use these items as often as you feel necessary. With everyone’s help and cooperation we can all continue to enjoy our Club.


Stay safe and healthy and hope to see you soon.


Myron Shayka

Secretary Letter – September 2020


Since our last newsletter I am sorry to report that we lost Greg Young and Eugene (Geno) Larson.


We have a number of upcoming events in the next 4 months and some that we would normally have, we will have to put on hold.


September events: Sept. 6 – Skillet Breakfast 8-11 am. Sept. 8 Wings 5 – 7 pm. Sept. 12 Lunch Jambalaya until gone and meat raffle at 6 pm. Tickets for the raffle are available all week at the bar. Sept. 13 General Meeting 11:30 am. Breakfast served 8 – 11 am. Sept. 15th Shredded Chicken Sandwiches, Sept. 18 Fish Fry 5 – 7 pm. Sept. 20 Steak Breakfast 8 – 11 am. Sept. 22 Wings 5 – 7 pm, Sept. 25th Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches, Sept. 29th Tacos.


October events: Oct. 3 Decorate for Halloween 9 am. Oct. 4 Skillet Breakfast 8 – 11 am. Oct. 5 Pasta Dinner 5 – 7 pm. Oct. 9 Fish Fry 5 – 7 pm. Oct. 10 Lunch. Oct. 11 General Meeting 11:30 am. Breakfast served from 8 – 11 am. Oct. 13 Wings 5 – 7 pm. Oct. 18 Pork Chop Breakfast 8 – 11 am. Oct 27 Wings 5 – 7 pm. Food will also be served on all Tuesday and Friday evenings.


November events: Nov. 1 Skillet Breakfast 8 – 11 am. Nov. 2 Pasta Dinner 5 – 7 pm. Nov. 8 General Meeting 11:30 am. Breakfast served from 8 – 11 am. Nov. 10 Wings 5 – 7 pm. Nov. 13 Fish Fry 5 – 7 pm. Nov. 15 Swedish Pancake Breakfast 8 – 11 am. Nov. 24 Wings 5 - 7 pm. Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Tom & Jerrys 10 am till gone. Open from 10 am till 11 pm. Food will be served on Tuesday and Friday evenings.


December events: Dec. 5 Decorate for Christmas starting at 8 am. Dec. 6 Skillet Breakfast 8 – 11 am. Dec. 7 Pasta Dinner 5 – 7 pm. Dec 8 Wings 5 – 7 pm. Dec. 11 Fish Fry 5 – 7 pm. Dec. 12 Lunch. Dec. 13 General Meeting 11:30 am. Breakfast served from 8 – 11 am. Dec. 20 Breakfast 8 – 11 am. Elections voting 8 am till 3 pm. Dec. 24 open 11 am – 3 pm. Dec. 25 Christmas open 5 pm till close.


As you read through the events you probably noticed we are not having our Thursday night Steak Fry for at least the first four months because of Covid. At this time we are not having our Halloween party in October, Chili Cook-Off in November, Breakfast with Santa and our New Year’s Eve party in December. If anything changes on these events, it will be posted at the Club and on the Web Page.


October 1 you can start paying dues which are $35.00 for regular members and $5.00 for Gold Card members. Most of you did not get you blue membership card back because we did not send out raffle tickets this year. Just put your money in an envelope with your name on it and turn it in at the bar. Everyone will get a new blue membership card this year. If you’re a Gold Card member you don’t have to turn in your card, just your money.


I know a lot of members have gotten rid of their land lines since they joined the Club. If you no longer have a land line, please make sure I have your cell phone or a correct number for you.


It’s been brought to the Boards attention that members need to watch their language. There have also been some racial slurs in the Club. Please watch what your say. It is important to make this a good environment for everyone.


If you have an e-mail address that I don’t have, would you please give it to me. That way you get updates on Club activities every month.


We just brought 56 new people into the Club as members. Introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.


Our smoking area is not on the deck. It is on the grass area to the right of the stairs.


Gary Schoester, Secretary