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Note from the President and Secretary

Note from the Pres.


Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. Because of our member’s generosity, we were able to make Christmas and the New Year Merry and Happy for our underprivileged neighbors. Your donations of food totaled 1250 pounds along with $65.00 in cash. The Rock River Valley Pantry was very grateful for our gifts to the people of our area.

The Club is looking forward to the New Year. We have scheduled some new events that we feel you will enjoy. I strongly urge you to keep an eye on the monitor and bulletin board inside the Club. We will also be posting updated information on our website, Facebook, and also sending information to your emails. Please make sure we have your correct contact information on file. Please don’t forget that there is a "suggestion box" available for any ideas that you have to enhance the Club experience. You can also speak to me or any of the board members.

One of the more exciting things we will be involved with this year is the "Rock River Anything That Floats Race". Tracy Brewer, Joe Burkel, and Brian Becker have agreed to chair this year’s efforts and are looking for volunteers to work on this project. If you would like to be part of our race team please contact one of the chair people or any of the board members. We also are looking for a place we can work on the project and a place to store the project when completed. If you can help us with any of the above please advise us.

Along with additional events and members, we need to encourage all of us to remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep your Club clean and neat. When you have finished using the tables inside or outside please make sure to clean up after yourselves. We have many of us who do an excellent job of this, but there are still some that need to be reminded. This also pertains to using the kitchen. If you use it, clean it. Thank you for your cooperation.

We recently had some damage in the Ladies Bathroom; if you see anyone doing any damage to any of the club property, please report it. We do not ask you to address the issue, but please let someone know so it can be addressed and taken care of.

As I said earlier we are looking forward to a great 2019 and want to share it with all our members. Looking forward to seeing you at the, B.A.C.

Myron Shayka

Jan. - April Newsletter 2019

Happy New Year; Introducing our new board for 2019, President Myron Shayka, Vice President Keith Schaible, Sec. Gary Schoester, Treasurer Dave Stone, and Sargent of Arms Jason Heiden. Rest of the Board Al Deschaine, Wally Anderson, Dan McConnell and Marianne Hoel.

Sorry to report that since our last newsletter we have lost 5 members Jim DeBaere, Greg Holmes, Kathrine Reece, Marcia Scott and Mary Sowl.

Congratulations to members of the BAC. for doing a great job on the food drive. Club collected 1250 pounds of food and $65.00 in cash beating our total of last year of 917 pounds. Board wants to thank Dan Heimert for taking the time to organize this event and delivering the food to the Pantry.

We have many events coming up in the coming months. Starting with Jan. events, Jan. 6th General Meeting, Jan. 7th Pasta Dinner, Jan. 8th Wings, Jan. 11th Fish Fry 5-7 and Acoustic night with Brian Taylor and Daryl Andrus,

Jan. 12th Lunch, Jan. 13th Skillet Breakfast, Jan 16th Trivia Night, Jan. 17th Steak Fry, Jan. 18th Xtatik Band from 7-11,

Jan. 20th Pork Chop Breakfast, and Jan. 22nd Wings

Feb. events; Feb. 3rd General meeting, Super bowl party starting at 4 p.m. bring your favorite snack food, chili will be furnished by the club, Feb.4th Pasta Dinner, Feb. 6th Trivia Night, Feb. 8th Fish Fry , Feb. 9th Lunch Carol’s Soup and Sandwiches,

Feb. 10th Swedish Pancake Breakfast, Feb. 12th Wings, Feb. 17th Buffet Breakfast, Feb. 20th Trivia Night,

Feb. 21st Steak Fry, Feb. 22nd Acoustic night with Andrew Robinson 7-10, Feb. 26th Wings.

March Events; Mar.1st Comedy Night 8 p.m., Mar.3rd General Meeting, Mar. 4th Pasta Dinner, Mar. 6th Trivia Night, Mar. 8th Fish Fry, Mar.9th Lunch Jambalaya, Mar. 10th Skillet Breakfast, Mar.12th Wings, Mar. 16th Corn Beef & Cabbage Dinner, and The Blooze Brothers playing from 7-11, Mar. 17th Steak Breakfast, Mar. 20th Trivia Night, Mar. 21st Steak Fry, and Mar. 26th Wings.

April events; Apr. 1st Pasta Dinner, Apr. 3rd Trivia night, Apr. 6th Easter Egg Hunt 9-11am & Meat Raffle 6 p. m., Apr. 7th General meeting, Apr. 9th Wings, Apr. 13th Lunch,& Band Sunset Strip playing from 7-11 p.m., Apr. 14th Skillet Breakfast, Apr. 17th Trivia Night, Apr.18th Steak Fry, Apr. 21st Happy Easter Normal hours, Apr. 23rd Wings, Apr. 28th Pork Chop breakfast.

You see by the calendar that we are serving food many different nights at the club mark them on your calendar so you can come down and enjoy.

If you have not paid your dues by the time you receive this newsletter dues are now $45.00 for the month of Jan. and on Feb. 1st they will go to $55.00. Gold card members don’t forget to pay your $5.00 fee, for after Mar. 1st your name will not be in the bin for any of the drawing for you are not a member in good standing.

Always looking for volunteers to help with our food nights if you are interested contact a board member or Danielle.

Couple of things brought to our attention at the meeting one was don’t forget to clean up your table when you get ready to go home. If you are a smoker and smoke out front or on the deck please use the ash trays that are available.

Secretary Gary Schoester