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Note from the President and Secretary

Presidents Letter Sept. 2019

The past summer allowed the Club to offer up many activities and events to our members. I certainly hope you had an opportunity to enjoy most of these. It took effort of many volunteers to make these events possible. Please, when you attend our events, extend a "thank you" to these volunteers. One of my favorite and newest event was the "Anything that floats Rock River race. This was the first year the Blackhawk Club had an entry. Our "Boat" people worked very hard to represent our Club. The result of their hard work, was a second place award in the "People’s Choice" category. CONGRATULATIONS.

Effective with the October General Meeting, the General Meetings will be held the second Sunday of the month rather than the first Sunday. This move was made necessary due to monthly financial reporting. In order to have the most up to date information the date had to be moved. Thank you for your understanding. Please remember to update your calendars. Because of this change the nomination of Board Members will be slightly changed. Nominations will begin to be accepted October 1. Nominations will be closed December 1. The rest of the Nomination and Election process will remain the same.

This year there will be four Board Member seats up for election. The four Board members terms that are expiring are, Dave Stone, Marianne Hoel, Jason Heiden, and Gary Schoester. There will be a Nomination sheet posted at the Club and also Nominations will be accepted during our General Meetings in October and November.

Again this year The Club will be awarding a "Volunteer of the Year" award. There will be a sheet posted, please enter the name of the person you feel is deserving of this award.

Our "Murder Mystery Dinner" has been scheduled for October 18, the sign-up sheet is posted. There are a limited number of seats; you must pay when you sign.

We are currently looking into other activities, so make sure you check the bulletin board and Club website of information on upcoming events.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at the "Best Club in Rockford"!

Myron Shayka President

Secretary’s letter

Since our last newsletter we have lost four members Joe Campos, Marion White and John Geraue, and Frank Leon.

Pasta Dinners start October 7 and run through May. Dates are October 7, November 4, December 2, January 6, February 10, March 2, April 6 and May 4. Mark them on your calendars.

Our monthly General Meeting has been changed to the second Sunday of each month starting at 11:30.

Starting October 1st you can start paying your dues. They are $5.00 for gold card members and $35.00 for regular membership. Return your blue card with your dues money if possible. Don’t forget they go up the first of January.

Club Draft Beer is now installed and working. Come down and enjoy a glass of 16 ounce beer for $1.75 domestic and $3.00 craft beer.

Keep an eye on the calendar Facebook, and website for the many events we have coming up in the next four months.

When signing the $1.00 book or the $5.00 book, please make sure we can read your name. It is best to print. If we cannot make out your name, you will not win and we will draw again.

Sept. Events: Sept. 8th General Meeting at 11:30; Sept. 10th and 24th Wings; Sept. 13th Jimmy Z Acoustics 7 to 11 pm; Sept. 14th Lunch; Sept. 15 Steak Breakfast; Sept. 19th Steak Fry; Sept. 21st Prime Time Band 710 pm and Burgers in Paradise 5 7 pm

Oct. Events: Oct. 5th Decorating for Halloween 8 am; Oct. 6th Skillet Breakfast; Oct. 7th Pasta Dinner; Oct. 8th & 22nd Wings; Oct. 11th Fish Fry 5-7,Sunset Strip Acoustics 710 pm; Oct. 12th Lunch; Oct. 12th Dinner 57 pm Prime Rib Dinner; Oct. 13th General Meeting 11:30 am; Oct. 17th Steak Fry; Oct. 18th Mystery Dinner, Oct. 20th Pork Chop Breakfast; Oct. 22nd Wings5-7, Oct. 26th Kids Halloween Party 9-11 a.m. and Adult Party 7 11 pm with Blind Date playing

Nov. Events: Nov. 3rd Skillet Breakfast 8-11 a.m.; Nov. 4th Pasta Dinner 5-7 p.m.; Nov. 8th Fish Fry; Nov. 9th Lunch will be Chili Cook Off 12 3 pm, Meat Raffle 6 pm; Nov. 10th General Meeting 11:30 am, Nov. 12th Wings 5-7, Nov. 15th Andrew Cline Acoustics 7 10 pm; Nov. 17th Buffet Breakfast 8-11; Nov. 21st Steak Fry; Nov. 26th Wings5-7, Nov. 28th Thanksgiving Tom & Jerrys served 10 am till gone. Club will be opened from 10 am to 11 pm.

Dec. Events: Dec. 1st Skillet Breakfast 811 am Holiday Bazaar 124 pm; Dec. 2nd Pasta Dinner 5-7 p.m. Dec. 7th Decorate for Christmas 8 am, Rollan Whiskey 710 pm; Dec. 8th General Meeting 11:30 am; Dec. 10th Wings; Dec. 13th Fish Fry; Dec. 14th Christmas Pot Luck 125 pm; Dec. 15th Steak Breakfast and Elections to the board Voting 8 am till 3 pm; Dec. 21 Breakfast with Santa 911 am; Dec. 31st New Year’s Eve Prime Rib or Baked Chicken Dinner 6 pm, Audio Drive playing 8 pm till Midnight.

Just a reminder that children have to be out of the club by 7 p.m. on the night of our Halloween party and our New Year’s Eve Party thank you.

Don’t forget to clean up your tables when you leave and only a board member or bartender should answer the door.

If you have changed your e-mail address or dropped your land line please let me know so I can keep my records up to date on my membership list. Should you have a e-mail address and I don’t have it and if you give it to me you will get one or more monthly up dates on what is happening at the club.

Sec. Gary Schoester