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Back Room rental is again available.  Cost will be $175 for three hours, which includes a $50 refundable cleaning deposit.  Additional time will be $15 per hour.  See Danielle or Adrian for additional details and reservations.

Membership Drive - Drive for (50) new members.  Cards will be available behind the bar starting Monday, March 15.  Cards must be turned in by April 9.  Cost will be $100 for family members, $250 for non-family members.

As a courtesy to other club members, please be respectful and watch your language while at the club

For the safety of all of our club members, please be diligent and observant of all surroundings while at the club.  Please pay particular attention in our parking lot.  If possible, please try to have an escort or be in a group in the parking lot.  Safety first, always.