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Friday, January 15 - HOT BEEF DINNER, 5-7 PM

The Club will be accepting bids for the lawn mowing and lawn maintenance service. Please have your bid submitted before February 14, 2021. You can contact Danielle Runyard for specifications.

It has been brought to our attention that the use of foul language has been increasing since we have moved operations to the deck area.  Remember the deck is a much smaller seating area, and most conversation can be heard by many.  Please be aware that foul language will not be tolerated and offenders will dealt with.

Annual membership dues - As of January 1, 2021 the cost is now $45.  If not paid in January, the cost goes up to $55 on Feb 1.  If dues are not paid by March 1 your membership will be forfeited. 

Beginning on Monday, Dec 14, we will be holding a weekly prize raffle.  Prize will be displayed and tickets will be available from bartenders, management, and board members.  Tickets will be $2 each, 3 for $5, 7 for $10.  Winner will be drawn each week on Sunday at 5 PM.
Beginning on Monday, Dec 14, we will have a weekly 50/50 raffle.  Tickets will be $5 each, 5 for $20.  Winner will be drawn each week on Sunday at 5 PM.


2019 - Board of Directors


President - Myron Shayka

 Vice President - Keith Schaible

 Secretary - Gary Schoester

 Treasurer - Dave Stone

 Sergeant at Arms - Jason Heiden


Wally Anderson

Al Deschaine

Marianne Hoel

Dan McConnell

Club Manager - Danielle Runyard

Club Asst. Manager - Adrian Gillette

With the current Outdoor only seating arrangements, your bartenders and staff are working harder than ever to serve you.  Please recognize this, and be patient and generous with your bartenders and staff.

Club Address

2023 Broadway, Rockford, IL 61104

Club Phone Number

 815 226-0951

ALL DAYS - Noon to 9 PM (minimum)

Later closing will be based upon business activity and be at the bartenders discretion