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Saturday, June 19 - SWAN HILLS GOLF OUTING, 1 PM shotgun start
Tuesday, June 22 - WINGS, 5-7 PM
Wednesday, June 23 - WEENIE WEDNESDAY, 5-7 PM
Friday, June 25 - FAJITAS, 5-7 PM

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Based upon the latest CDC guidance, if you are fully vaccinated masks will not be required indoors or outdoors.  If you choose to wear a mask please feel free to do so.  Please continue to follow COVID prevention practices; wash hands often, clean your area when leaving.  Thanks to all for your cooperation over the past year.

For the safety of all of our club members, please be diligent and observant of all surroundings while at the club.  Please pay particular attention in our parking lot.  If possible, please try to have an escort or be in a group in the parking lot.  Safety first, always.


2021 - Board of Directors


President - Myron Shayka

 Vice President - Keith Schaible

 Secretary - Gary Schoester

 Treasurer - Dave Stone

 Sergeant at Arms - Jason Heiden


Tracy Brewer

Kevin Fisher

Tom Hill

Marianne Hoel

Club Manager - Danielle Runyard

Club Asst. Manager - Adrian Gillette

Club Address

2023 Broadway, Rockford, IL 61104

Club Phone Number

 815 226-0951

ALL DAYS - Noon to 9 PM

Early or Later closing will be based upon business activity and be at the bartenders discretion