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NOTICE TO ALL BAC MEMBERS - At the General Meeting on Sunday, September 8, 2019, a change to our club bylaws will be proposed.  Currently bylaw Section 2.5, General Meeting, states our General Meetings shall be held on the first Sunday of each month.  Proposal is to change the General Meetings to the second Sunday of each month.  The reason for this proposed change is for financial reporting purposes.

ROCK RIVER RAFT RACE, Schedule of Events
Race begins - Noon
Duck Drop from Whitman Street Bridge - 3:30 PM
Award Ceremony, Prairie Street Brewhouse - 4:30 PM
Rafts will begin to be let out at Noon at the Old Coast Guard/Mouth (north of Auburn Street bridge) and will float down to Prairie Street Brewhouse
Race can be viewed at launch area, Prairie Street Brewhouse, or along the bikepath
Live Music at Prairie Street Brewhouse
Vendors will be along the race route and at the finish line
Come down and cheer on our BAC crew!

DRAFT BEER SYSTEM INSTALLATION - August 19-22 - During installation, the club will be open normal business hours but the main bar will be closed due to construction.  We will have the back bar open, and all gambling machines will remain accessible.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  Thanks for your patience with this process.

NEWBURG VILLAGE GOLF OUTING - NOW OPEN TO NON-MEMBERS.  Saturday, August 17. $ 50 entry fee for members, $55 for non-members.  Includes golf & cart, drinks at course, cook your own steak at the club, and prizes.  Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board at the club, or contact Mike Smith or Dave Stone.


2018 - Board of Directors


President - Myron Shayka

 Vice President - Keith Schaible

 Secretary - Gary Schoester

 Treasurer - Dave Stone

 Sergeant at Arms - Jason Heiden


Wally Anderson

Al Deschaine

Marianne Hoel

Dan McConnell

Club Manager - Danielle Runyard

Club Asst. Manager - Adrian Gillette

KAYLA SEEBER (acoustic)

Club Address

2023 Broadway, Rockford, IL 61104

Club Phone Number

 815 226-0951

Monday thru Friday - Open at Noon
Saturday and Sunday - Open at 10 AM
Sundays with Breakfast - Open at 8 AM