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Friday, May 14 - BRATS, 5-7 PM
Saturday, May 15 - SHAVED PRIME RIB SANDWICH, 5-7 PM
Sunday, May 16 - STEAK BREAKFAST, 8-11 AM

A warm welcome to the 54 new members we added from our recent membership drive.  Welcome to the BAC Family!

Our annual club clean-up day is Saturday, May 22, starting at 8 AM.  Volunteers to help would be greatly appreciated, the more we have the sooner we get done. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board.  Lunch will be served to all who help.

We are currently accepting applications for our annual $1000 Barb Deschaine Bowling Scholarship.  Senior high school bowlers are eligible.  Applications must be received by June 1.  See Dave Stone for additional details.


2021 - Board of Directors


President - Myron Shayka

 Vice President - Keith Schaible

 Secretary - Gary Schoester

 Treasurer - Dave Stone

 Sergeant at Arms - Jason Heiden


Tracy Brewer

Kevin Fisher

Tom Hill

Marianne Hoel

Club Manager - Danielle Runyard

Club Asst. Manager - Adrian Gillette


Stop down at the club and check out the new daily drink specials

Club Address

2023 Broadway, Rockford, IL 61104

Club Phone Number

 815 226-0951

ALL DAYS - Noon to 9 PM

Early or Later closing will be based upon business activity and be at the bartenders discretion