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STEAK FRY - Thursday, March 21, 5-7 PM


Draft Beer at the BAC – The club board recently approved the installation of draft beer at the BAC.  On Wednesday, March 27, at 6 PM we will hold a special meeting to discuss options for our draft beer system and the bar area.  The board will share design ideas considered to date, and take suggestions from the membership.  Meeting is open to all club members.  Come down and provide your input!

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH MEETING - Thursday, March 28, 6-7 PM - BAC will be hosting the Rockford Police supported Neighborhood Watch Meeting for our area.  Please come down and support this important initiative.

KIDS EASTER EGG HUNT is Saturday, April 6 from 8:30-11:00 AM. Sign up sheet is up on the Events board. Sign up now!

The club will be holding a membership drive for up to an additional 50 members.  Cost will be $100 for family members, $250 for non-family members.  Cards will be available as of Monday, March 4.  Cards will be available until March 31.  Money will need to be turned in with the membership card.  See a bartender or Gary Schoester for a membership card.

2018 - Board of Directors


President - Myron Shayka

 Vice President - Keith Schaible

 Secretary - Gary Schoester

 Treasurer - Dave Stone

 Sergeant at Arms - Jason Heiden


Wally Anderson

Al Deschaine

Marianne Hoel

Dan McConnell

Club Manager - Danielle Runyard

Club Asst. Manager - Adrian Gillette

Club Address

2023 Broadway, Rockford, IL 61104

Club Phone Number

 815 226-0951

Monday thru Friday - Open at Noon
Saturday and Sunday - Open at 10 AM
Sundays with Breakfast - Open at 8 AM